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Volunteers Week

As it is Volunteers Week we would like to take this opportunity to thank and celebrate all our volunteers.  Unfortunately during these difficult times some have been socially isolated due to digitally working.

Our volunteers consist of 15 ChAD Committee members who speak up on behalf of the Learning Disability Community in Doncaster and 6 volunteer advisers who support them in meetings with information to enable the ChAD representatives to make informed choices.

Your commitment and contribution as a volunteer really makes a difference to ChAD and the LD community.





All Age Learning Disability and Autism Strategy

Five committee members committed their selves to work on the strategy.

From attending an initial   planning meeting on 9.10.18 facilitated by Lucy Virgo (Inclusion North) and Sally Fergerson (Rotherham Speak Up) they continued to attend further meetings with Council members and Carers to ensure that all comments were noted and were made into questions to gain the views of the people it was relevant to.

It was very important to ensure the wording of the questions were to the point, easy to understand and covered all areas of Housing, Employment, Health and Education which were required. And that there was sufficient scope for people to enter any other issues they may have.


After the training was complete the committee members took it in turns to facilitate sessions with members of the council and CCG to the peers they represent at Doncaster Hub, Stirling Smile, Rossington Smile, and Stainforth Smile. The feedback was good with many people referring to relationships as a subject they would like more help with.

The strategy is now in is final stages with ChAD being askedto submit ideas for the front cover by DMBC Commisioners. They  have also been approached to be involved in the scrutiny panel which will take shortly.

As we have a good relationship with Rotherham Speak Up, they have approached us to see if we would be interested in working on future projects together.


A committee member and support met with Hate Crime lead Alison Atkinson and Claire (the designated police engagement officer for schools) to see if they could help us get access to more schools to deliver the Hate Crime presentation with Rossington Smile. Claire has contacted schools on ChAD, s behalf and we are hoping to visit some early in the year.

Due to this work we have been contacted by Theresa Stothard (facilitator and investigations officer from the South Area team) who contacted us to ask if we are able to deliver this to 2 primary schools as part of their multi-agency Junior Citizen Programme in Edlington.

The aim of this is to educate children early in a range of different subjects to help reduce ASB, Crime, Alcohol and drug abuse etc. in the long run.

They would like the programme to incorporate people who have a LD as they feel it would be beneficial for the children to work on a project alongside clients who can show how SEN doesn’t prevent individuals from achieving anything. Sessions have been arranged for April, May and June

Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning

One committee member continues to represent ChAD at this meeting (which has run for 10 years) at Sheffield Hallam University.

They have had two meetings with the governing bodies and are presently facilitating LD training to 3rd year student Social Work/Nurses.


LD Partnership Board Meeting

ChAD representatives attended the Partnership board meeting on 2nd October at Rutland house where the meeting now has a new co-chair David Heckerskill who shares the role with James from ChAD

As usual ChAD fed back all the current work they were involved in to which many people from differing organisations commented on

Laura Quarmaine from Transitions and Sarah Walton gave an update on the work they do. They asked ChAD if they would like to attend one of their team meetings to meet their new members of the social work/Assessment officer team to explain ChADs work. This will enable them to share any relevant information with the people they work with.


Public health also asked if they could attend a future ChAD meeting.

Further feedback and discussions were held on LD Strategy Update and transforming care.

As ChAD have concerns around Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery they asked if someone in the council managed this. The Partnership board have since given us the relevant contact and we have arranged for them to attend our February meeting.