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The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/National Emergencies Trust

This Funding Project has now finished.  We would again like to thank Net Funding for enabling us to produce the easy read booklets to reach the Learning Disability community.  ChAD members were also able to keep in touch by computer with each other and produce work for inclusion in the booklets and other projects.  The funding also gave members opportunities for socially distance meet ups during the pandemic.

Arnold Clark Community Fund

ChAD are really pleased to learn that they have been drawn out in a recent Arnold Clark monthly draw where they were awarded £1,000.

They would like to say a huge thank you as this will help to purchase further resources required and help with expenditure.




The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/ National Emergencies Trust

ChAD are extremely grateful for the funding received from The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/ National Emergencies Trust.

The funding was for a project to help reach people that had been lost to us during Covid and it has enabled us to do the following:

Making information for 20 page Easy Read booklets, which were sent out to over 900 people with Learning Disabilities in Doncaster just before Christmas.

In the booklets, there is information on

  •  ChAD
  • Contact numbers for help
  • How to engage digitally
  •  Keeping Safe

As well as fun quizzes to encourage two-way communication and to help peoples wellbeing.

The funding will cover two more booklets up until the end of June.

We have had a lot of positive feedback about this one and we are now busy planning what to put into the next one.

It has also helped us to buy  five think pads.

These are to help some of the ChAD members prepare work, have contact with ChAD and other people and to help them join meetings.

There is also money to help people with safe travel for members who need to meet up face to face whilst socially distancing.


We would like to say a Huge THANKYOU to The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/ National Emergencies Trust for granting us the funding to do this work