Category: Speaking up for the people we represent

Letter to the Council

We sent a letter to the Operations Manager Financial Assessments at Doncaster Council.



It was about a letter which people with Learning Disabilities had received which they did not understand at all.

It caused a lot of worry for them as some thought the Day Services charges were going up by a lot of money and others thought the Day Services were closing all together. Even staff members at the centres said it was hard to explain to people as they found the information hard to understand themselves.  A carer told us that the letter is one she receives each year which was about changes to benefits.

We asked the council to send any future letters like this one in easy read so people can understand them and not become worried like they did.

The Learning Disability Partnership Board asked ChAD if they would be happy to give advice on easy read for any similar letters in the future.



Whilst doing the work on the All Age LD and Autism Strategy it reinforced concerns people with LD have regarding having minimal opportunities to build relationships of different kinds. With this in mind we asked Love to Meet You (who we had worked with many years ago) to visit the office to find out more about their current work.

Nicola Costello, Project Development Worker visited and went through specific details of how they worked and what was available by the means of social opportunities and support.  Nicola will be attended the  May Meeting which enabled ChAD to share information. Several people have since joined the group

Pedestrian Crossings – update

A further letter of concern has been sent to the highways department as people had told ChAD that there was a lot of confusion at pedestrian crossings, as there was no noise indicator of when to cross. The Highways department explained that the crossings in question were because other crossings were in close proximity and more problems would occur if people were to confuse which the sound was coming from. This has been fed back to the people who raised this.

Letters of concern

We made reference in the last report that ChAD members and the people they represent were concerned about the signage on a particular residential home in Doncaster which reads ‘Residential Care for People with Autism, Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour and they would discuss in detail further at the October meeting.

. Everyone felt this was extremely derogatory terminology which presented a negative image to the local community, therefore action should be taken.

Since then ChAD have sent two letters to the care providers of the home in question (as they didn’t receive a reply for over a month which was non comital) e mailed MP Rosie Winterton (who wishes to be updated on the situation) and addressed this at the LD Partnership board meeting.

The Partnership board were in agreement that the situation regarding the signage really wasn’t acceptable and they would look at the contractual requirements They have since sent a letter to the home in support of ChADs concerns.

Pedestrian Crossings

We had received concerns from people that they were getting confused at pedestrian crossings because they did not make noises to indicate when it was safe to cross, we therefore wrote a letter to the Highways department.
We were informed that this happens at crossings where there are several crossings near each other for safety purposes. This is because if one bleeped it could be confused with the other crossing and cause a major accident.

Residential Home

ChAD has been discussing the signage outside a Residential Home in Doncaster which says the following words on it:

Residential Care for people with Autism, Learning Disabilities & Challenging Behaviour (photo to follow)

Everyone on the committee feels this is disrespectful to everyone who lives there and gives a bad image to the general community.  ChAD have written two letters to the company and have discussed this at the Learning Disability Partnership Board who have also sent  letters in support.

ChAD are very disappointed that the particular home in question have not taken up offers to meet and discuss or to acknowledge many of the letters which have been sent, therefore they will continue to address this matter of concern .