LD Partnership Board Meeting

ChAD representatives attended the Partnership board meeting on 2nd October at Rutland house where the meeting now has a new co-chair David Heckerskill who shares the role with James from ChAD

As usual ChAD fed back all the current work they were involved in to which many people from differing organisations commented on

Laura Quarmaine from Transitions and Sarah Walton gave an update on the work they do. They asked ChAD if they would like to attend one of their team meetings to meet their new members of the social work/Assessment officer team to explain ChADs work. This will enable them to share any relevant information with the people they work with.


Public health also asked if they could attend a future ChAD meeting.

Further feedback and discussions were held on LD Strategy Update and transforming care.

As ChAD have concerns around Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery they asked if someone in the council managed this. The Partnership board have since given us the relevant contact and we have arranged for them to attend our February meeting.