A committee member and support met with Hate Crime lead Alison Atkinson and Claire (the designated police engagement officer for schools) to see if they could help us get access to more schools to deliver the Hate Crime presentation with Rossington Smile. Claire has contacted schools on ChAD, s behalf and we are hoping to visit some early in the year.

Due to this work we have been contacted by Theresa Stothard (facilitator and investigations officer from the South Area team) who contacted us to ask if we are able to deliver this to 2 primary schools as part of their multi-agency Junior Citizen Programme in Edlington.

The aim of this is to educate children early in a range of different subjects to help reduce ASB, Crime, Alcohol and drug abuse etc. in the long run.

They would like the programme to incorporate people who have a LD as they feel it would be beneficial for the children to work on a project alongside clients who can show how SEN doesn’t prevent individuals from achieving anything. Sessions have been arranged for April, May and June