Hate Crime

A committee member very bravely shared their recent experience on being taunted and attacked by a group of five teenagers.

They were knocked to the ground, their glasses broken and were thumped and kicked in their head, requiring eight stitches.

We were also contacted by Rossington Outreach to inform us of some other shocking news that a lady had been shot with a pellet gun as well as other people constantly being subject to name Calling and abuse.

Whilst we had already held a forum and done much work around hate Crime in 2015  it appears to be getting worse ,therefore ChAD ,and  Rossington Outreach have attended the  Keeping Safe meeting held by HealthWatch to see how everyone can work  together to help prevent such future incidents.

ChAD and Rossington Outreach Express Yourself Entertainers have recently started visiting main stream schools to work with students to raise awareness of Hate Crime.

On 19.2.18 we paid our first visit to De Warren Accademy  in Conisbrough .

Here are photos from this session

personalised egg by student at DeWarren
Raymond, Mark and Stephen presenting the Hate Crime workshop
Personalised egg by student at DeWarren
Would I Lie to you Hate Crime edition


Since visiting De Warren Academy we have made small changes  to our presentations and visited Serlby Park Academy in Bircotes (where we were asked to return to engage with pupils from different years.) as well as presenting it to other people who attend The Rossington Outreach Resource.  We will continue our visits to further schools in the borough,

A Huge Thank you to Ledger Homes who very kindly  funded ChAD and Rossington Express Yourself Entertainers £125 each last year to help  fund this project.

We have continued our work with Rossington Smile by attending an event at Castle Park Rugby Club after being invited by Danum Outwood School to work with pupils aged 12-13.  The session went extremely well.

Here are pictures of some of the characters they produced in their session.