Supported Living Tenders

ChAD were approached by D.M.B.C commissioners to produce a list of questions to ask the companies who were applying to run the supported living homes .

After discussion with the committee and people they represent they forwarded the questions , These questions were then asked  to the companies .

ChAD members were invited to the Civic Building to view power point presentations of what the companies policies and practices were answering the questions of both ChAD and the commissioners

The committee members then  marked the presentations on the content of how good or poor they felt it was. These scores were added when the commissioners gave their overall ratings of the content of what they required .All the presentations were anonymous so ChAD did not know what company they were marking .

At a later date Committee members were invited back to ask further questions to the companies who had scored highest who had to give a another  presentation .From these several companies will be awarded the contract .


ChAD were invited  back in September 2018 to go through the same process .


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Easy read appointment cards

PRESS RELEASE: Doncaster group publishes innovative appointment card for people with learning disabilities

31st May 2018

Doncaster group publishes innovative appointment card for people with learning disabilities

A local peer support group is celebrating the completion of a unique appointment card to help people with learning disabilities attend their health and care appointments, with the aid of a grant from Healthwatch Doncaster.

Louise and Raymond from ChAD with the newly devised appointment cards







Choice for All Doncaster (ChAD) is a committee of adults who have a learning disability, and they have put the finishing touches to an appointment card to help remind people of their representative group to attend their GP, doctor, hospital or optician visits. The card will allow staff to note the dates and times in a way that is understandable for patients using it.

Louise Darling (pictured), a member of ChAD, said: “There’s not a card similar to this in Doncaster and in other areas locally so we hope everyone finds it helpful, just as much as we do!”

The process to produce the card, following the funds obtained via Healthwatch Doncaster’s 2017 micro-grant scheme, followed extensive outreach initially looking at whether dental practices were learning disability friendly.

Sue Millward, Peer Support worker, who assists the group in their day-to-day activities, said: “Once they had gathered a selection of views from the people they represent, it was clear people who use the service had concerns about the format of appointment information they received. This led the group to work passionately on creating an easy-read appointment card, which after months of effort, is now completed.”

ChAD hope the completed product will generate interest from local health and care providers who may be keen to implement it in their administrative processes, to help people with a learning disability fulfil their appointments.

The appointment cards ChAD members created after their outreach work







“It was great to go out and speak to people with a learning disability about their experiences at a dentist, and we’re happy with the card we’ve produced that has had so much positive feedback,” said Raymond Humphryes (pictured), a member of the ChAD group.

For more information or if you would like to order a personalised supply for your practice please contact ChAD on 01302 965452


ChAD (Choice for All Doncaster) is a committee of adults who have a learning Disability who help speak up for their peers in Doncaster. They are involved in a variety of projects and network with many organisations, meeting monthly to discuss matters that affect their lives. For more information, please visit their web page

Press release contact:

Sue Millward, Peer Support Worker


Tel: 01302 965452 or 07834686858

Letter of concern

Years ago people were very upset about the abuse witnessed at Winterbourne View, so were alarmed to hear of the more recent abuse at Whorlton Hall ( as shown on Panarama) therefore we wrote a joint letter of concern with Sheffield Voices to send to members of arliament.

Learning Disability Conference

We attended a very good LD conference at Sheffield Hallam University which was hosted by the third year Social worker/Nurse students .

ChAD members Mark and Raymond are part of the excellent Partners in Learning group who work alongside the students learning from each other .


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Sheffield Voices Meeting

ChAD were invited to attend Sheffield voices meeting on 1.8.19

We were pleasently suprised that when we arrived the venue was amazing and provided by free by The Virgin Money Shop . The meeting room, drinks and facilities were all free for a two hour period to allow people with LD  to socialise, network  take part in all interactive games.

During the morning there was a period of time to allow guest speakers to talk about their specialist subjects .

photos to follow

Networking & guests to Meetings

Guests to our monthly meetings so far in 2019 have been

Jacqui Brewster from Sheffield Hallam University

Bob Hotchkiss – Human Trafficing and Modern Day Slavery

Nicola Costello from Luv2meetU  which is a friendship and dating organisation in Sheffield

Alison Atkinson – Hate Crime Lead

Caroline Halls -Asda Community Engagement

Julie and Adele  from Victim Support

Jane Thompson , Primary Liason Nurse

Fran from the Community Adult Learning Disability Team

Craig and Matt from First Bus

ChAD have continued to Network out and about with The Smile services at Rossington  , Stirling , Cantley , Thorne Road and Homescarr , as well as DMBC , Rotherham Speak Up , Doncaster Disabled peoples Alliance, CCG, CHANGE, Sheffield Voices, PFG, R/DASH to name a few

Working together to share information to make thing better for adults with Learning Disabilities



People with a physical disability/mental health

Raymond and ChAD Support worker contacted ‘Doncaster Disabled People’s Alliance’ as we identified by their web page that they had completed similar work around access and matters that are important to them.

3 members of the group were present, Andy Hendry, Barry Smeaton and another gentleman.

They explained that over recent years they had not been involved in many things other than recycling hospital aids and sending to countries in need and access to airports. This was because whilst they had approximately 15 members it was difficult to get them all together for meetings as well as illness, aging etc.

We shared the work ChAD are involved in and Alan said he would still love to be involved in projects like ChAD mentioned, but they have difficulty getting the people. The members were unaware if there was a Physical Disability Strategy or if any of their peers were involved in any input into services.

Raymond asked if Alan would like to attend a future ChAD meeting as a guest to which Alan accepted his offer.

We also explained the work Healthwatch do and how they could possibly help by helping them to promote their work, have a voice in health and social care etc.


Andy Appeared very keen and interested in working as they used to. Everyone present said that if there were any future projects they could be of assistance with they would be happy to help if able to do so



Pedestrian Crossings – update

A further letter of concern has been sent to the highways department as people had told ChAD that there was a lot of confusion at pedestrian crossings, as there was no noise indicator of when to cross. The Highways department explained that the crossings in question were because other crossings were in close proximity and more problems would occur if people were to confuse which the sound was coming from. This has been fed back to the people who raised this.