Supported Living Tenders

ChAD were approached by D.M.B.C commissioners to produce a list of questions to ask the companies who were applying to run the supported living homes .

After discussion with the committee and people they represent they forwarded the questions , These questions were then asked  to the companies .

ChAD members were invited to the Civic Building to view power point presentations of what the companies policies and practices were answering the questions of both ChAD and the commissioners

The committee members then  marked the presentations on the content of how good or poor they felt it was. These scores were added when the commissioners gave their overall ratings of the content of what they required .All the presentations were anonymous so ChAD did not know what company they were marking .

At a later date Committee members were invited back to ask further questions to the companies who had scored highest who had to give a another  presentation .From these several companies will be awarded the contract .


ChAD were invited  back in September 2018 to go through the same process .


(photos to follow)


Christmas Cheer

ChAD embracing their new relationship with the Ridge Employability College.

Enjoying Christmas lunch at the Bev Ridge Cafe, Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Carcroft.  A huge thank you to all the staff for a lovely meal.  Looking forward to working together in the New Year.


Working with the NHS

Following the work ChAD members Mark and Raymond did at a out of area medium secure hospital about Care Treatment Reviews and how people were involved in their future plans, ChAD were approached by the Improving Quality Manager to see if they would like to return to the same hospital to speak with the patients about Advocacy and further work until the end of March 2022

Mark, Raymond and Sue accepted the work as they have now built up some good trusting relationships with both patients and staff.  They returned to do the first workshop where they listened to what people had to say.

This work is being carried out by several Self Advocacy Groups at different hospitals around the country. The purpose is to ensure that people  know what advocacy is ,they have advocacy support if they need it , know about different types of Advocacy and what is available when they are in the community.  All the information collected will be shared, where it is hoped that good practice will be followed.


Thank You To The Peoples Health Trust

ChAD would like to say a Huge Thank you to Peoples Health Trust who have very kindly funded us to pay for a office space at Arendal House for a period of two years , as well as our Monthly ChAD meetings at the Clark Memorial Hall .

This is so very much appreciated.

Members are extremely pleased with the new office space and have been overwhelmed with the friendliness and Kindness of the people who run the Mencap building when working there .It was very emotional on  attending the office one day to find they had had a sign made on the  front of the building as well as the office door to show we were there and welcome us . Other people who use the building are also very friendly and welcoming .

ChAD also restarted their face to face monthly meetings in November , following covid safety measures where members have been pleased to see one another again and get on with the work in hand

Thank you for enabling all the above.

Sport for all

ChAD members enjoying a change from their usual serious topics and discussions.  Craig, Raymond and Stewart thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the Big Health event at the English Institute for Sport in Sheffield where there were interactive workshops and a variety of accessible sports to enable everyone to improve their health and well being – and having fun at the same time.