Supported Living Tenders

ChAD were approached by D.M.B.C commissioners to produce a list of questions to ask the companies who were applying to run the supported living homes .

After discussion with the committee and people they represent they forwarded the questions , These questions were then asked  to the companies .

ChAD members were invited to the Civic Building to view power point presentations of what the companies policies and practices were answering the questions of both ChAD and the commissioners

The committee members then  marked the presentations on the content of how good or poor they felt it was. These scores were added when the commissioners gave their overall ratings of the content of what they required .All the presentations were anonymous so ChAD did not know what company they were marking .

At a later date Committee members were invited back to ask further questions to the companies who had scored highest who had to give a another  presentation .From these several companies will be awarded the contract .


ChAD were invited  back in September 2018 to go through the same process .


(photos to follow)


RDaSH Guest at our meeting

Kerry Pepper from RDaSH recently attended a ChAD Committee meeting to discuss a new plan for the future based on how people with a Learning Disability should be expected to be treated by the service.

Our members gave their opinions on what service they would like to receive and Kerry is making a poster based on what ChAD and other people with Learning Disabilities opinions were.



Kerry thanked ChAD for their assistance and said she would like to include them in RDaSH acknowledgements.

Letter to the Council

We sent a letter to the Operations Manager Financial Assessments at Doncaster Council.



It was about a letter which people with Learning Disabilities had received which they did not understand at all.

It caused a lot of worry for them as some thought the Day Services charges were going up by a lot of money and others thought the Day Services were closing all together. Even staff members at the centres said it was hard to explain to people as they found the information hard to understand themselves.  A carer told us that the letter is one she receives each year which was about changes to benefits.

We asked the council to send any future letters like this one in easy read so people can understand them and not become worried like they did.

The Learning Disability Partnership Board asked ChAD if they would be happy to give advice on easy read for any similar letters in the future.


Volunteers Week

As it is Volunteers Week we would like to take this opportunity to thank and celebrate all our volunteers.  Unfortunately during these difficult times some have been socially isolated due to digitally working.

Our volunteers consist of 15 ChAD Committee members who speak up on behalf of the Learning Disability Community in Doncaster and 6 volunteer advisers who support them in meetings with information to enable the ChAD representatives to make informed choices.

Your commitment and contribution as a volunteer really makes a difference to ChAD and the LD community.