Supported Living Tenders

ChAD were approached by D.M.B.C commissioners to produce a list of questions to ask the companies who were applying to run the supported living homes .

After discussion with the committee and people they represent they forwarded the questions , These questions were then asked  to the companies .

ChAD members were invited to the Civic Building to view power point presentations of what the companies policies and practices were answering the questions of both ChAD and the commissioners

The committee members then  marked the presentations on the content of how good or poor they felt it was. These scores were added when the commissioners gave their overall ratings of the content of what they required .All the presentations were anonymous so ChAD did not know what company they were marking .

At a later date Committee members were invited back to ask further questions to the companies who had scored highest who had to give a another  presentation .From these several companies will be awarded the contract .


ChAD were invited  back in September 2018 to go through the same process .


(photos to follow)


The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/ National Emergencies Trust

ChAD are extremely grateful for the funding received from The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/ National Emergencies Trust.

The funding was for a project to help reach people that had been lost to us during Covid and it has enabled us to do the following:

Making information for 20 page Easy Read booklets, which were sent out to over 900 people with Learning Disabilities in Doncaster just before Christmas.

In the booklets, there is information on

  •  ChAD
  • Contact numbers for help
  • How to engage digitally
  •  Keeping Safe

As well as fun quizzes to encourage two-way communication and to help peoples wellbeing.

The funding will cover two more booklets up until the end of June.

We have had a lot of positive feedback about this one and we are now busy planning what to put into the next one.

It has also helped us to buy  five think pads.

These are to help some of the ChAD members prepare work, have contact with ChAD and other people and to help them join meetings.

There is also money to help people with safe travel for members who need to meet up face to face whilst socially distancing.


We would like to say a Huge THANKYOU to The Disability Emergency Covid Fund/ National Emergencies Trust for granting us the funding to do this work

ChAD spread Christmas Cheer

During the current pandemic the Committee identified that people who would normally be contacted face to face at day services etc were not being reached.  Most people do not engage digitally so some other way was needed.  They applied to the National Emergencies Trust for funding to produce some easy read booklets.  We are proud to say the bid was successful.  The first booklet has been distributed to almost 1,000 adults with a learning disability in the Doncaster area.  This issue contained information regarding where to obtain support if required and some Christmas themed activities and competitions.  The funding awarded will also cover the cost of equipment (Think Pads) to assist members of the Committee in producing and contributing to future booklets and to encourage and engage digitally with some of the people they represent.

A further two issues will be produced around March and June 2021 so watch this space!

A huge thank you the National Emergencies Trust for making this all possible.