ChAD would like everyone to keep safe in these uncertain times.

Please listen to the Government and stay inside unless it is urgent to go out.

If anyone would like to ring ChAD for any information on support available, or if you are in need of a chat please feel free to ring:

Mobile:              07834 686858

Direct Dial:       01302 965452

Email: or 

If no one is available to take your call on this contact in the present situation please use the following alternatives where Healthwatch staff will be able to update you with information or 01302 965450 / 01302 965458 / 07510 590460


ChAD members have been keeping in touch by Zoom meetings ( by video link so we can see if everyone is ok or they are finding things difficult)

ChAD message to all

At a recent Zoom meeting ChAD members offered their words of tribute on the current situation from which we made this poem:

Stay strong and positive

Is our message to you

As we thank all the people

for the jobs that they do


Parents and Carers

Staff in our home

People who ring us

each day on the phone


Community Hubs

delivering food

And other essentials

to lighten the mood


Volunteers, NHS

Truck Drivers too

The list is endless

All working for You


Please show respect

Don’t let them do this alone