GP Practice visits

ChAD committee members have been visiting G.P practices in the Doncaster Borough with Emma Smith (N.H.S Clinical Commissioning Team) Jane Thompson (Primary Liaison Nurse) and Glynis Smith (Acute Liaison Nurse)

They have been meeting with the Practice Managers to see how they help people with a Learning Disability  during and making their appointments.

They have also been asking questions and making suggestions about  concerns people  have when visiting the doctors.

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While going around the surgeries ChAD would like everyone to know  that when you go to make an appointment at the doctors there are rooms available for you to speak about  your health in private so if you prefer this please ASK.




Slide2ChAD would also like people to know more about the User Participation groups at the Surgeries. We found out that hardly anyone who has a learning disability attends, There are many reasons for this and the doctors are keen for people to go if they wish.

These meetings are for you and anyone else to find out what is happening and to talk about anything that you are and are not happy about at your doctors.