Hospital Place Assessments

ChAD members have for the 4th year taken part in the assessments at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Bassetlaw and Montague hospital. These assessments are called PLACE which stands for Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment.
At the hospitals the volunteer assessors along with hospital governers and hospital staff are separated into teams where they then go out around various wards/areas both indoor and out to look for cleanliness, hygiene, privacy and dignity . examples of this are as follows ; ensuring locks are on toilet doors, screens around showers and baths , no confidential information is left lying around for people to see, no clutter in corridors, signs and colours are suitable for  people who have dementia.
Throughout the day one particular ward is assessed for food , we check if people are prepared for their meal, whether they are given the adequate support if required . we also get to taste all the food to ensure it looks and tastes as good as the picture menu suggests.

All our feedback is on official forms which are then given to the hospital who have to work and address any concerns which have been raised in a period of time .

All the committee members who have been involved in this over the years have enjoyed the work and feel it is an important way to represent people and get their voices heard.



April 2018 – ChAD committee members have again been involved at the PLACE Assessments  at Montegue and two days at D.R.I.  Many areas were covered by the three teams  they had representation in . Everyone were pleased that any concerns/findings they noted were mainly around minor maintainance

photos to follow