Mortality Review

This Event was run Rotherham Speak UP at St Georges Church in Leeds.

They started by explaining the importance of having Annual Health Checks, which appeared to be a bit ‘hit and miss in different areas.

We were informed that people with Learning Disabilities had lost their lives unnecessarily for many years.

The  Mortality Review encourages everyone  to report the death of someone with an LD (suspicious circumstances or not) as it  is an ongoing investigation to help to learn and hopefully prevent other fatalities happening.

Two NHS managers were present who informed us that people have actually lost their lives due to constipation.  Whilst most people would look for something to resolve the situation they fear that some vulnerable people maybe would not causing them to lose their lives.




The number to report the death of someone who has a Learning Disability is   T: 0300 777 4774  


For more information on this in Easy Read google Mortality Review Learning Disabilities (LeDaR)