We were approached by Suez to help them raise awareness about Recyling so we worked  with them for a  few months.  For us to help we obviously needed to know more about it ourselves so a visit to the Recycling Centre at Manvers was arranged.  We visited on the 26th July.

It was very interesting as we were shown raw materials which were recycled into layers for under road surfaces

As there is heavy machinery at the site people were not allowed to walk around it but watch different areas on cameras to see how rubbish is brought in from your bins, separated and sent off to be recycled.

We were also shown items which were sent on once sorted and what was made from them.


  • fleecePlastic bottles made fleece tops, headscarves, food containers and sarongs



  • Ring pulls from cans made bracelets and the cans made figuresimg_0002




Parachutes were recycled to make rucksacks and other bags.

Apparently even used chewing gum can be recycled again for a porous under layer for road surfaces.

This information was used for our Forum at The Mary Woolett Centre On Tuesday Nov 8th 2016.

Photos of this event can be found on our gallery page.