Working with the NHS

Following the work ChAD members Mark and Raymond did at a out of area medium secure hospital about Care Treatment Reviews and how people were involved in their future plans, ChAD were approached by the Improving Quality Manager to see if they would like to return to the same hospital to speak with the patients about Advocacy and further work until the end of March 2022

Mark, Raymond and Sue accepted the work as they have now built up some good trusting relationships with both patients and staff.  They returned to do the first workshop where they listened to what people had to say.

This work is being carried out by several Self Advocacy Groups at different hospitals around the country. The purpose is to ensure that people  know what advocacy is ,they have advocacy support if they need it , know about different types of Advocacy and what is available when they are in the community.  All the information collected will be shared, where it is hoped that good practice will be followed.