ChAD invited the Street Pastors to one of their meetings and explained the Safety scheme to them.

The Street Pastors informed us that they are out and about on the streets of Doncaster usually on Saturday evenings and bank holidays when it is most busy.

They are in contact with the police so they are aware of what is happening and if anyone needs help they can contact each other. The street pastors carry bottles of water for people who are dehydrated,  flip flops so people don’t walk in glass etc in  their bare feet  , blankets to keep people warm .

They also told us about the Safe Haven bus which is parked down the High Street on evenings which is to  help people in distress.


They now have SID (Safety In Doncaster ) key rings attached to their jacket so you can identify they can help, but please remember they must also be wearing a blue jacket  with the Street Pastors logo as well as radio contact with the police. They walk around in threes and DO NOT travel alone .