People with a physical disability/mental health

Raymond and ChAD Support worker contacted ‘Doncaster Disabled People’s Alliance’ as we identified by their web page that they had completed similar work around access and matters that are important to them.

3 members of the group were present, Andy Hendry, Barry Smeaton and another gentleman.

They explained that over recent years they had not been involved in many things other than recycling hospital aids and sending to countries in need and access to airports. This was because whilst they had approximately 15 members it was difficult to get them all together for meetings as well as illness, aging etc.

We shared the work ChAD are involved in and Alan said he would still love to be involved in projects like ChAD mentioned, but they have difficulty getting the people. The members were unaware if there was a Physical Disability Strategy or if any of their peers were involved in any input into services.

Raymond asked if Alan would like to attend a future ChAD meeting as a guest to which Alan accepted his offer.

We also explained the work Healthwatch do and how they could possibly help by helping them to promote their work, have a voice in health and social care etc.


Andy Appeared very keen and interested in working as they used to. Everyone present said that if there were any future projects they could be of assistance with they would be happy to help if able to do so