Leder Event

ChAD were approached by Inclusion North top Co Chair an event with them on Leder. Leder is a National Programme that has been set up to help people learn from the Deaths of people with Learning Disabilities.

This is due to The University of Bristol doing some research which showed that people with Learning Disabilities were dying younger than other people.

Far too many people have died when they shouldn’t have because things could have been done better
and stories of where Doctors have decided not to resuscitate someone just because they have a Learning Disability.

This is wrong and has got to stop!

Our lives are as important as anyone else’s!

A lot of work has been put together by the ChAD committee for The LeDeR event which was scheduled for the 20th March 2020 at The Mary Woollett Centre. Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the Coronavirus this will have to be re-scheduled.