Scams and Social media

ChAD and Rossington SMILE were successful in receiving a  Micro Grant from Healthwatch Doncaster to

Filming a scenario in the mock park at Lifewise

help put together a package around scams/social media . This enabled us to visit Lifewise to find out more information about Social Media Dangers/Safety to create three short video clips on different scenarios:

  1. Putting information on social media- that they are going on holiday resulting in getting burgled.
  2. Cyber Bullying –Showing the distress it causes an individual.
  3. Dating Sites –Sowing this is not always safe as people may not be who they say they are.


Learning about how to keep safe and what to check for at the cash machine


In the mock Magistrates Court

ChAD have also written a song from the information gained. Mark Coley (Senior Nurse at Rdash) has recorded accompanying vocals and music: Please click on this link.

A short film was also made.  Please click on the following link.

Since this time both parties have continued to meet up to discuss further engagement ideas on this topic to show at schools and LD services.