Victim Support

Julie and Adele from Victim Support came to speak to the committee to let them know what to do if they have been a victim of crime.

Victim Support is based at the Police station in Doncaster and they are a charity-based organisation.

When Victim Support get your case through as a referral, an assessment will be made.

Everything that you say is confidential however if something said is a safeguarding issue, that will need to be reported.

When you are a victim of crime Victim Support can support you as an individual for any length of time you feel you need.

Julie and Adele brought in some alarmed key-rings, safe bags, extension for your phone so you do not lose it of get it stolen.

The committee were made aware that they could have some dummy cameras sent out. The cameras do not work however when a criminal is near your property, they will think the camera is real as they look like a real one.

If anyone would like anything that Victim Support brought along, contact Sue so she can get some handed out to people who want it.